2005 sprinter a/c

Hey… we just bought a 2005 Dodge sprinter cargo van to convert! Super excited. Only problem with it is the a/c constantly blows hot air even when it is on a/c settings. Anyone have this issue and possibly have a fix we can try DIY before going to an overpriced dealer? Thanks!!




This may or may not work for Sprinters, because many mechanics won’t touch them, but many repair shops, can charge your conditioning if that’s all you need. Unfortunately, it probably won’t be that easy. It probably has a leak somewhere.

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If the AC clutch is not cycling and the compressor is not turning, it’s likely low on refrigerant as suggested by B and C. First thing is to check if the system holds a charge, and that involves filling some refrigerant into the system and/or using gauges to see if it holds pressure. It’s not impossible for a Diy’r but you’ll need access to specialized tools and advanced mechanical knowledge when dealing with AC systems. I don’t know your skill level, but if you have any doubts or hesitation I’d suggest to take it to an AC shop and get it diagnosed. Aside from dangers of compressed refrigerant and oil, if you don’t understand AC systems you could inadvertently damage other parts, adding to your repair expenses. Of course there can be other causes, but refrigerant leaks are the most common. It takes a special sniffer tool or use of UV dye to isolate some leaks. Autozone will loan the tools if you leave a deposit for the full purchase price with them.

If the AC compressor is cycling properly and pressures are nominal, then it could be the air blend door under the dash that switches air paths or the heater control valve for the hot coolant. Most blend doors and heater control valves are are vacuum actuated, newer model blend motors may have electronics. One thing a Diy’r can do is inspect for vacuum leaks and disconnected lines. Any chance you just did some work on the van, like a stereo or something similar under the dash or in the engine bay where something might have knocked loose?

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Stick a can of R134A freon into it. Auto parts stores sell a kit for doing just that. A can here and there may be cheaper in the short run to keep one going until it can be properly repaired. If that doesn’t make it blow cold, a trip to the shop it is. Likely a problem the freon won’t fix or it would have been working when it was sold. Make sure a belt on the engine is not missing. If there is a pulley and no belt, try spinning the pulley.

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Thanks so much for the in depth reply. We have yet to take apart the dash, but we will have to as we realized one of the knob/dials is completely stuck and can’t turn (the center one controlling where the air blows). Although the actual temperature control dial turns just fine. How would one determine a vacuum leak when we look under dash? Thanks! Appreciate the help.

Thank you for your input! We’ll check all options

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I have a similar problem.

It is not a big problem for the air conditioner. The most important thing is that you do not have to change the capacitor.