2005 GMC savana 2500

Best way to add fresh water tank, pump, and outlet in a GMC Savana 2005.

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One of the most popular solutions seems to be 2 jerry cans under the sink, one for fresh water & one for gray water. Then there’s many choices for pumps (12v, usb, manual, etc.) , then of course sink & faucet choices.

Some people also like to use weed sprayers, either manual or battery powered. These can be tucked under a sink, or also used inside or outside for a shower, or even to wash your whole rig.

I go even simpler with 2x dollar store dishpans for portable sinks, and trigger spray bottles for water delivery, one with clear water, and one with a few drops of dish soap in it. I find this to be very water frugal and extremely handy. It can be used inside or outside without duplication.

We are really only limited by our imaginations. Different strokes for different folks…:wink:


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