2 months on the road

I am Bobby and have been on the road for 2 months, starting from Washington DC. Currently now in Eugene, OR, wondering what’s next. Am 70 years old, recently divorced and recovering from cancer treatments, that went well. Sold everything and bought a 2014 Mercedes SS Agile, the only Van I could find at the time.

Am curious to find community, any ideas would be appreciated. Semi retired, was business coach for many years. That’s all I got!!

You got a lot! Things are happening for you all at once. You have a lot to process with your new life. If you give it a chance, you can take your time and explore your every thought or whim and figure out who the new you can be, wants to be. Freedom is wonderful, if overwhelming at times.
You are amazing to be where you are right now!

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@Robert_Shannon Hi Bobby, I’m new here, too. You sound amazing! I agree with the other poster (Hanna?) about how far you’ve already come.

Here’s a link that may help you with finding community. It’s part of Bob Wells group, home on wheels alliance (HOWA). Caravans 2021-22 – Homes on Wheels Alliance They form up caravan groups and have meetings to get acquainted with others in various places. I have not explored this thoroughly myself. I have my van and have lived in it for four months, but I haven’t gone on the road yet.

Congrats on making it through a divorce, cancer, major lifestyle change, and cross country trip! You a tough one! Stay that way!