1st Van Conversion-Austin

Hi All,

We are working on our first Sprinter van conversion. I’m mostly the 2nd pair of hands of the “we”. But here I am, researching and ready to receive info. At this point we’ve ripped everything out of the van and are almost ready for insulation, walls and flooring. I’m sure I’ll have a question or two along the way :wink:


Have you guys planned what the interior will look like?

Please also share some pics. Would love to see the van

We’re working on the layout/electrical right now. I’ll save and send pics once we’re a little further along :slight_smile:

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Okay sounds good, thanks!

I’m in the Cedar Park/Leander area and (slowly) currently building out a ford transit. the layout doesn’t worry me nearly as much as the electrical and solar.

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How are you setting that up? would you mind sharing it in a new topic?
Because this seems to be a common concern for newbies.

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I will when I get there. Right now I feel like the noob trying to make heads or tails of what I need/what/can afford/can build so I’m still doing a lot of research. Thank goodness others have shared their experiences or I’d be lost completely . I’ll pay it forward and do the same once I get a handle on what I’m doing.

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That’s what the forums all about :slight_smile:
Feel free to post multiple topics of the questions you have, so that we can keep things organized.

Electrical can seem a little daunting because of the shock value, but 12v DC in automobiles is less complex than the fear factor would have you believe.

I did an aux battery that I charge off solar and the alternator (when driving), and it’s running some basics like lights, fridge, inverter, ceiling fan.

When you get there on the build, I’d be happy to pass along any tips or answer questions.

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That’s the spirit! In my builds I keep one thing in the forefront, make it yours, you are going to be living in the space you create so design the space to fit you. It might be completely different from others you see but it’s how it works for you that counts. I have built a few van’s for people and I work strictly from their input. Sometimes I’m scraching my head and asking myself why on Earth!?. But once it’s done and I see how happy they are to see the dream come to life I realize that it’s maybe not my choice but if it works and functions like they want it, I’m happy to help.
And the more I do this the more I “Get it”. Van’s are like people, Sure we are all put together the same way but it’s what’s on the inside that makes us different. And I enjoy that uniqueness each time I have the privilege to be involved in the building process. Let the juices flow and everything else will work out fine. Keep us posted on the progress!

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