1994 ford Econoline glavac vacuum

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Hey, whass happinin’! I just got my self a sweet new rig, it’s a 94 Ford Econoline universal conversion van. I have a quick question…well more of a wanted if you will. I can’t find a single one of these vacuums anywhere for sale, and I’m wondering if maybe someone has one in a parts van they would like to get rid of?

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Is your vacuum cleaner missing, or just not working? Glavac was probably a rebrand of a generic vacuum for the Glavel conversion vans.

If it’s not working, it might just need new batteries if it’s a cordless.

You could also just buy a new one & modify the holder/charging cable appropriately.


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It’s wired into the van, and fits in the wall, and the cord retracts, I this it was a stock unit, mines broken unfortunately, and idk about the brand, you very well could be correct


If it’s broken as in just not working, it’s probably repairable. There are vacuum & sewing machine repair shops around the country…


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