1987 bluebird international in need of a new engine


I bought a school bus over a year or so ago and let it sit during the stormy months. Unfortunately the engine is full of water and in need of a complete replacement. I live in Jacksonville Beach FL and if anyone knows of any reasonably priced mechanics in the area and a possible place to buy a new engine that would we greatly appreciated.



Exactly how is the engine full of water? How did it get that way? This sounds an awful lot like you’ve been misinformed or possibly a scam.



She said this, so I don’t think the seller scammed her.



I was actually thinking more along the lines of a mechanic scamming her…



You should go to Everything Automotive, 1844 Kings Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32207, (904) 800-2714,
they fix all the buses for the private schools in the area and they fix old church buses.
I like to think he’s well priced but he does try to only buy stuff that lasts vs what’s cheapest. He has been a mechanic for over 30 years so i’m sure he’s seen your problem a million times and knows how to fix it quickly.