1973 Grumman Olson conversion into mobile recording studio

Hello everyone! I’m Aaron Recine.

Back in September of 2019 I bought a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Van and spent 6 months converting it into my full time living quarters. I moved in the day after the california shutdown due to the pandemic.

After being in my van for a little over a year I’ve taken on a new project which is restoring a 1973 Chevy P30 / Grumman Olson Step Van and converting it to a home and recording studio.

I have tried many iterations of mobile living ranging from buying a flatbed trailer to attempt building a tiny home to a simple camper shell on an old 1990 Toyota mini truck.

After watching Without Bound it was clear to me that van life was the option I wanted. I hope all of you will join me as I continue on this adventure. <3

I am too new of a user to add links right now, but if you search Aaron Recine or The Conversion of Granny Grumman on youtube you can find all the progress of my adventures so far.

Aaron welcome to the forum. Is your Grumman made by the same company that made my Grumman canoe?

I’m pretty sure it is. Not 100% sure on the history to be honest.


Greetings & Welcome!

I’m a fan of step vans, especially the old military bus ones, they still looked like a step van and had both sliding front doors, but bus windows all the way around. For me the advantages of windows far outweigh any disadvantages.

Step vans are often good and heavy duty, and if they have the aluminum body, they won’t rust, another plus.


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Absolutely. The no rust aluminum situation was what really caught my attention. Also in California anything produced before 1976 is smog exempt.

I’ll have a fully sealed off living quarters so the windows shouldn’t be a big deal for greenhouse effect.