1500 watt inverter for fridge

I just bought a van and it came with a 1500 watt inverter that was professionally installed has an isolator a second battery huge cables that run up to a 200 amp fuse and then to the battery. If I get a refrigerator should I get an AC refrigerator or a 12 volt DC refrigerator?
Here is the description of the inverter and the part number:

The N Series Inverter is a low frequency, pure sine wave inverter line made for handling loads in work and utility trucks. The series is available from 400 watts to 5600 watts and in 12, 24, or 48 VDC models, giving you choices to fit your needs.

The N Series Inverters utilize an iron-core transformer that can handle the frequent power surges associated with industrial-grade tools, pumps, heaters, and motors.

Congrats on your purchase! I’m not knowledgeable enough to answer your question but I’m betting someone will soon.
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Your 1500 watt inverter is more than capable of running an AC refrigerator. What you do have to consider however, is if your batteries are up to the job.

That said, a 12v refrigerator will be way more efficient because it won’t be running via the inverter (which consumes a lot of battery energy), but it will also more expensive to purchase than an AC only refrigerator.

I went down the road of using my 1000 watt inverter to power a small AC refrigerator which is always on. It was cheap to buy (£55) but the price I pay is that I need to charge my batteries more often, and here in the UK at 50 degrees latitude, there is not always enough energy from the sun in the winter months to keep the batteries charged so I do have to run the engine or hook up to shore power at times.

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Your Inverter is plenty. We have a Danby 4.5cf AC fridge. Draws 1A/120W. Energy Star Rated, the only one I found that size that was. Was half the cost of a 12v. Very efficient keeps everything at 33-34. Run time cycle depends on temp which is extreme here in Fl. Welcome, I see you are in Balt. I used to keep my boat at Fells Point, love Balt!

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To get an AC or 12 volt DC refrigerator, it really depends on your needs and preferences. A 12 volt DC refrigerator will be more efficient and won’t require the inverter to convert the power, but it may be more limited in terms of size and cooling capacity. I can recommend a great inverter Honda https://www.propaneva.com/best-inverter-generator/. You don’t need additional items for it.