12V power/energy meter?

I have a Kill-a-Watt brand power that looks like

Kill A Watt Meter - Electricity Usage Monitor | P3

plug-through meter for 125VAC power, that shows me things like

Current AC voltage and frequency
Current power draw in watts. It seems to work for anywhere from a few hundredths of a watt to 1875 W.
Current Ampere draw in amps (A)
Watt-hours (Wh) or kilowatt (kwh) hours of accumulated power (=energy).

I like it. I know there are other brands, some of which are cheaper, and it is possible professionals use something better (e.g., clamp-style amp-meters that you don’t have to disconnect your wires to use). But this was on sale at Harbor Freight, so I bought it on impulse. It’s proved useful where I currently live. E.g., I can measure instantaneous power drains while things are on and off, and energy over time.

My only complaints are that you have to read the display head-on - at other angles, its unreadable; and that it doesn’t show peak draw.

What reasonably priced equivalent works well for 12VDC?

I want one with bare wires or terminal connectors, though if it comes with 12 power outlet connectors, I could maybe cut the wires and strip the ends, if the wires are long enough.

Try a 150A device.




Looks exactly like what I need, though with a fair bit of overkill.