11k+ Nationwide Gyms & Showers


I just learned of a new (to me) service that gives access to gyms & showers across the USA, from many different chains, and privately owned ones as well. It says they give you access 11k+ gyms across the USA for only $25.00/month, with no long term contracts.

It’s a program by AAA called “Active & Fit”.


I’m not into gyms, and I prefer to have my own toilet & shower, but I think this could be a better alternative to a single chains membership for some nomads.

Another possibly worthwhile link is:


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I’m a new user so am not allowed to provide links. Use a search engine.

If you can get onto a Medicare supplementary or advantage health insurance plan, you may also want to look at



Active&Fit (as you mentioned; it is also available to non-medicare people for $25, or through other orgs; you can’t joint without one of those. You can only belong to one gym at a time through it, but can switch.)

It’s sometimes cheaper to get an insurance plan, or an organization, than to join a gym that the plan or org gives you free or cheap access to.

I maintain a list of “Gyms under $20/month” chains on another site, which I reproduce here. This list may be out of date and incomplete.

Crunch Fitness Starting at $9.95/month

Fit4Less $4.99/2 weeks; Only in Canada

Fitness Revolution; in Maryland, Virginia, DC; Starting at $20/month

Planet Fitness starting at $10/month+$39/year; many, many locations, but limitations on using other locations (e.g. $20/month plan allows 10 such visits/month)

RetroFitness Starting at $19.99/month

Snap Fitness Starting at $4.99/2 weeks

XSportFitness Starting at $9.95/month

YMCA. (Like you said above.) Not cheap - but discounted memberships available at some clubs for low income people, or with some health insurance plans or in other orgs as mentioned above; many have pools.

YouFit Starting at $10/month

Other cheap gyms: Try community centers (see above), community pools, other local fitness clubs

Many of these have showers.

This website has a section labelled “Project Vanlife: Showering on the road”

Did I leave any major chains out?

Hope that helps.

BTW, I don’t live on the road, but I like outdoor activities.


The only one I have tried is Planet fitness. It is open all the time! But the limitation on out-of-area visits is unfortunate.

BTW I left out the expensive chains, like Gold’s Gym, LA Fitness, etc. Try “Fitness chains” and “gym chains” at a search engine.

I forgot YWCA, because I’m not eligible.

It turns out there are a few more insurance company supported gym programs. I’m trying to expand my list. So far I’ve also got:

(Tivity) Whole Health
(Tivity) Prime
AARP programs
(United Healthcare) Renew Active

There also other programs that you join to attend multiple gyms:
One Pass
Peer Fit

I don’t know much about any of these. Do your own research. You will have to figure out whether they have enough gyms, and whether you are tied to one gym, or can attend many as you move.

Unfortunately, it seems that more of them are closing, not because of COVID but in general. I guess because of long-standing, poor economy and social changes.

This is the #1 nomad recommended as I see it. Seems to be the cheapest, the most locations and open 24/7.

Welcome, Mitch!

A better solution to showering while on the road is the rinsekit! My partner and i got one and its been such a game changer. We live in our van and having the convenience to shower anywhere has changed everything. 10/10 recommend!


The principle problem with Planet Fitness is that you can only visit away from your home club 10 times / month - even if you sign up for the most expensive (“Black Card” $20/month + $39/year) plan - which you need to visit more than one club.

Planet Fitness’s national website says you can allows you to switch home clubs online, but “You have to have been a member at one location for at least ninety days, you must have a monthly (not annual) membership”, a pretty big limitation for true “nomads”.

Perhaps you could trick them into letting you have multiple memberships, with different home clubs, if you give different home addresses, and have multiple checking accounts (they require you to provide one), in order to the 10 visit/month limit. But if you do that, you might be in the same price range as the more expensive clubs.

BTW, some of the other gym chains I listed are cheaper (as little as $5/month), but don’t have nearly as many locations.

Some of the more expensive gyms (which I didn’t list, because they have enough money to be favorably listed by the major search engines, so I won’t bother) allow an unlimited # of non-home-club visits.

In most other respects, Planet Fitness is great. The affiliates I tried (just 3) were kept very clean, and their gym equipment was well maintained. I would have stayed with Planet Fitness, because of the price - but I wanted a club with a swimming pool and hot tub. Some of the more expensive chains have them, at some locations.

You officially aren’t allowed to bring your own equipment. I’m a bit small, and find it easier to use some of their machines with a seat or back cushion. The individual clubs I tried let me get away with that, but it’s against official policy. I would also prefer to bring my own exercise pad, for stretching, for safety, especially in post-Covid times.

Some Planet Fitness clubs have poor privacy (no curtains) in the shower stalls. They can get very busy in the evening and on weekends. Mornings and late at night not so much.

They have free classes (unless that has changed post-Covid), but they are all strength training classes. They should have stretch (e.g., Yoga) & aerobics classes too. But at that price, it is hard to beat.

They have an on-site trainer (unless that has changed too) that you can sign up for a small group session with - and if you sign up during the least busy hours, you might be the only customer. The trainer can show you the basics of using the equipment, including aerobics and stretch equipment. But the trainers often aren’t as qualified as at the more expensive clubs, and they often don’t know much other than strength training.

As with any facility, you should be careful when and where you park.

I wish there I could find a form fitting sturdy bag that one could soak in as a minimal water usage bathtub, that you can stand up in. Even at home, if you only have a shower, and no tub, that would be very nice. Ideally you should be able to tie ropes or straps around it, or it should be surrounded by something stretchy, so you maybe only need a gallon or less of warm water.

Anyone know of such a thing?

I did find a bunch of folding and inflatable tubs that you can kneel in online - but they take more water that what I imagine, and various reviews say they often leak, and spill water all over the place.

Welcome, @tacomabro52:

How do you use it and where did you get it?

Greetings & Welcome!

While mine’s a homebrew, I definitely agree that nothing beats having your own toilet & shower.


“Everything should be made as simple as possible." ~ Einstein

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At some locations and/or some weather conditions, having your own shower isn’t all that practical.

In any event, I found an online review of Active&Fit Direct by a dis-satisfied customer. Have any of you used it, and what were the results?

BTW, If joining a program to use fitness center showers, it is important to check with the fitness center itself that they still accept that program’s passes, and not just believe what the program says online, and to check that they don’t charge an extra fee.