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We have windows in our van that slightly pop out letting fresh air at the bottom. We are wanting to keep the van doors open/windows just before bed as it is very hot in Arizona but are finding the van filled with bugs (obviously) how does everybody fix this issue? We are thinking about putting up mosquito screens but wanted advice first!


Curtains or something
I'm new in this world, please help ;)

The first thing that came to my mind is to glue first side of velcro around the window and sew the second side to the mesh, so that there will always be possibility to get rid of the mesh. Another option is to use zipper instead of velcro, but as far as i understand, that thing will require much higher sewing skill level from you to make it look nice.

Actually, i’m not even a newbie here - just came to the website and this is pretty much the first question i saw here, but i used to think of all these van/bus things hard for the last couple of months. And that is one of those questions i asked myself.
So maybe there’re some already made options on the market designed specifically for the model of the car e.t.c.


Thanks so much! That’s what our thought was as well or potentially a mosquito net around the bed but figured they might still get in.

I think the Velcro better suits my sewing ability haha. We are building while on the road and I’m having to hand sewing 15 curtains… :flushed:


I just got glue gunned magnets around a bed fly net I cut up. They then magnet too the metal wall of my van.


For the doors you can maybe consider getting something like this:

I belive they are called magnetic screen doors. It’s going to be hard to find one to fit the size of your van doors. But after searching around a bit you should come across one that fits.

I saw asked some vanlifers who were using it on their sprinter van where they got it from, and they said amazon.


Hi Jordan – what kind of van?

We had the same problem and just finished making custom bug screens, by adapting ones on Amazon designed for home use. The sizes we spec’d worked for our 2011 Sprinter, but the basic steps should work for any vehicle. Here’s our write-up if you’re interested:

No sewing involved, and we use rare earth magnets to stick the screens to the van.

  • One comment on Velcro: We thought it would work, but the adhesive side just wouldn’t hold. Especially in hot climates – when you want the doors open – the vehicle heats up under the sun, the velcro’s adhesive side starts melting, and the screens fall down. Rare earth magnets don’t have that problem.

Best of luck!


Thanks so much Nick! Good advice on the Velcro we are currently sweltering and suspect it will be very hot in Mexico so will avoid using it.

So handy have a blog post! Will read it today


The bug screens is what I was talking about in my reply as well. But I forgot to add a picture haha. Thanks for sharing @VantasticMedia


I forgot to attach a picture as well! Here you go!


Checkout this post:


I found a solution on youtube, that costs $1.97 per window. There is a product at home depot that’s a gutter guard. Hope it’s OK to add a link. I found these at the local location.

So it’s plastic, with a ridge, with smaller plastic mesh (insect size) glued inside.

With this, I cut it the size of the window.

When putting them on, I put the ridge on the window side and roll the windows up, with this going where the window normally fits.


That’s a pretty effective solution + a good price!


We have ended up buying a role of mosquito netting that we are going to install above the doors and will roll down and use magnets to stay in place. It’s slightly not wide enough so might need to cut and do a bit of sewing but we will see! I’ll post a photo once it’s installed!


Sounds interesting.

Could you share a pic


When I finally get my van and do the conversion, I plan to eventually have the following installed-

they are located in Canada, click on the French flag at the top to change to English.
Their system uses magnets. They do the install in Canada, but I read somewhere if they have several installs to do at say a US RV rally location, they will come to you.
Not cheap, but reviews I’ve read indicate you more than get what you pay for quality wise.
Hope this helps.


is the magnet strong enough to hold it if my dog runs through the netting



If they’re like some I’ve seen they are kind of automatically self closing…


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