Where to Buy (Newer) Promaster- US

Hi all, Ally here and I’ve done a couple rental trials and have decided on a newer Ram Promaster 159WB, 2019-2022 for my conversion. However, here on the west coast, it is slim pickings, or actually, no pickings. And its 4 months wait to order a new one. I have some credit card miles saved up and willing to fly to purchase the right van and drive it back to Oregon, but wondering if anyone has had particular success in finding more availability in any particular US state. I’ve searched some on the major search engines (Car Gurus, Autotrader) but many of the listings there don’t actually match the dealer website or everything on their site already has a deposit on it (urg). Just trying to narrow down my search rather than googling “ram dealer ______(insert state)”. Thanks!

Hi Ally,
I am in a similar situation out here in Massachusetts. I actually have been in contact with two dealerships and they both tell me that he Promaster factory is closed, and could not even order a van.

All vehicles at this point, probably cannot be ordered until next years models come out. Learned of this when looking to trade mine in on a Mercedes, which apparently is moving to an all wheel drive train this next model.

We bought our Promaster in Vancouver, Wa. at. Dick Hannah. Pretty sure they sell more of them than anyone. At least they did, you might want to try there as they may still have inventory left. Good luck.

Try the General Services Administration (GSA) auctions. They are the government agency that oversee the USPS fleet of vehicles. PO uses Promasters at most of their facilities.

DO NOT BUY A PROMASTER. They cannot repair your vehicle. We bought a brand new 2022 in early January after a three month wait. It worked for 2 days before an axle shaft broke and has been sitting in a dealer lot for currently 106 days. Meanwhile Ram North America has sold 10,000 more of these units since ours broke. That is the maddening thing. It’s not that they can’t fix our vehicle, it’s that they won’t bother to try.

I don’t know if 2016 is “newer”, but I’m selling my converted Promaster for $38,000, which is about 10,000 lower than comparable vans listed on Facebook marketplace. Let me know if you’re interested and I can provide pics and details.