What' the most kms on the clock you would consider

Hey peep, Paula from Sydney Australia here. I’m looking to by a Mercedes Sprinter to convert but the one I can afford have 200K plus on there clocks? Is it worth the risk? Any input would be helpful. Thanks guys!

That’s 125k miles. I was brought up to never buy anything that has more than 100k miles on it, as at that point a lot of things are going to need to be replaced or could start to break down. It is not a guarantee and you’ll probably get varying opinions on it. At 100k miles the entire suspension, bushings, etc. in the front end should really all be replaced as general maintenance. Some of this stuff every 50k-60k miles so you’ll want to make sure that’s already done or maybe negotiate off the price.

The type of mileage also matters, highway miles are generally less harsh on the vehicle than those put on in the city. In my opinion fleet vehicles with high mileage/kilometers are probably a better bet than someones daily driver with the same miles.


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I’m kind of in the opposite corner… I’ve seen too many fleet vehicles getting sold with fake maintenance reports.

Here in the US, Sprinters are overpriced junk that require frequent & expensive repairs. Maybe it’s different in AU.

In my experience, the odds of personal vehicles being well maintained is much better than on commercial vehicles. Commercial vehicles get ran to near death, made to look good & run okay, then sold. Then they cost the new owner a fortune to get them truly road worthy & reliable.

Mile’s/km’s depends a lot on maintenance. With proper maintenance, miles don’t matter too much. With deferred maintenance, you’ll have to play catch up. Take whatever you’re looking at to a reliable mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection. The ~$100 you’ll pay could easily save you thousands in unexpected repairs.


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I was brought up to never buy anything that has more than 100k miles on it

Cars are lasting a lot longer now than they did 20-30 years ago. Much longer than they did 50 years ago. I don’t bat an eye at 125k if the vehicle seems to be well taken care of. At this very moment, I own 2 vehicles over 300k, one at 240k, and two at 180k, none of which have ever broken down and left me stranded somewhere.

Buying a Sprinter with 180k on it for $10k and spending $5k on maintenance on it will almost always net you a better vehicle than spending $15k-$20k up front. Rust is what kills most Sprinters in my experience, not mileage.

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Hi Paula! I just joined up & I’m looking for a van as well. I’m in Tassie. All the very best finding your Van. Cheers :blush: