VW Crafter Specs

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Curently doing a VW Crafter conversion & i’m having a bit of an issue modleing up the back door panels in CAD. Been looking online for drawings of them but can’t see anything.

Anyone had this issue before or know somewhere that has the drawings? Or a good way to measure them up by hand?


I’ve seen a few of these in Baja and I suspected they are just a rebranded MB sprinter. This seems to be the case. I don’t know if much is different beyond the power train and logos. Perhaps you could find specs on a sprinter and use them?

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It’s cheap and easy to make hands on templates out of cardboard or poster board, then transfer it to the actual materials you’ll be using. Both cardboard and poster board are cheap and easily trimmed with scissors. Go slightly larger to start with, then trim carefully to create your templates.


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Until the latest Crafter (2017->), they have been built by Daimler, same as Sprinters. In addition they have selection of VW engines instead of MB.

For conversion purposes, they are pretty much same in the rear.