Vanlife in central and South America

Hi guys! Need your advice . Gonna buy a diesel van :oncoming_bus: in US and travel Central/South America . Do you know about Ad Blue and Ultra Low sulfur diesel availability there? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Thank you for help :pray:t2:

Greetings Welcome!

Diesel is not a good choice for out of the USA. Iโ€™d go with gas.


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Yes for sure you can do that.

I was gonna buy a diesel rig . Later I asked my mechanic if thats a good idea and he said NO! Diesel long block alone cost 10k and takes weeks to arrive plus 250 a hour for labor. V8/v10 chevys / ford are a dime a dozen ( around 3-4k installed) โ€ฆ can be completely rehauled in a couple days buy anyone anywhere. Diesel dont work like that. Long waits , expensive parts.


Yeah, the hype about diesels in the USA is pure baloney. They might get slightly better gas mileage, but the total cost of ownership is 2-3 times that of a gas engine.


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hmmm thanks for highlighting this.
so diesel is not as good as it sounds after all.

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