Van Security Need Advice

Hello fellow travelers. I could sure use some advice from the veteran van life friends. What is the best tracking system to use in case your van gets stolen? I appreciate any help you all might give me. Thank you

I have not tried this yet but someone on this forum had posted a while back that they had threw an extra phone in their car hidden somewhere to track in case they had their van stolen.

Hello! :relaxed:

I found a mechanic who ended up rigging my van so you have to do something specific in order to start her up… i.e. turn the headlight settings to ON, flip a hidden switch, etc. before the ignition will start.

The install was about $700 for me, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Someone could break in and steal material items, but only my family, close friends and I know how to get my van started. :slight_smile:

Hope this is helpful!

You could also install a foot switch to the left of the brake pedal. A lot of police cars are set up that way - have to push your left foot down on the floor to the left of the brake pedal for it to start. The switch is hidden under the floor mat/carpet.