Under-mounted Propane Tank

Does anyone have experience with an under-mounted propane tank? We are building out our van and want to mount a horizontal propane tank under the car (ford econoline) however we are concerned about what may happen in the winter? How do we deal with the propane tank in the winter? Need advice! Thanks again.

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Depending on your winters, propane doesn’t always work well if it’s much below freezing. For this reason, as well as safety, I use wick type kerosene appliances for both heating and cooking. I don’t know about all of them, but mine will run on diesel as well.


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Hey there! We have a 97 Eurovan and the propane tank is mounted underneath. Recently took a road trip through Montana and Wyoming. It was 12 degrees at night and we had no issues. You may find more info in a Eurovan forum as they are all mounted that way. Good luck!

The boiling point of propane (when it turns from liquid to a gas) is ~ -42C(-44F). This means that the closer the ambient temperature gets to -42C, the slower the liquid propane in your tank will boil and become available for your appliances.

You shouldn’t find that you have any major issues until the air temperature drops below about - 30C.

For example, I live in Saskatchewan, and we do get air temperatures that low. I also do know that people operate propane powered vehicles here. It does get interesting trying to fill them when it’s that cold, though. (propane leaks dripping onto the ground and pooling)

So, YMMV, depending on your winters.

Hope this helps!