Travel enthusiasts now, Van life sometime in the future

Hello! My husband and I have future van life goals and are total enthusiasts. In the meantime we spend our free time traveling and camping with our two year old. I work in healthcare and David is an entrepreneur. I will be able to take my position on the road in the future (usually contractual basis, staying in working locations for a few months at a time) Currently we are located in New Hampshire, US and it’s a fantastic base to explore the many parks, lakes and towns in the region.
Thanks for the inclusion!


At least you guys don’t have to worry about how you will financially support your lifestyle while living on the road. That’s one of the biggest concerns enthusiasts face.

How much longer do you think it will be till you guys can start van life?
Have you decided on what van or type of van you will be going with?

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Henry that is definitely true about the financial aspect, although it also means we will have to stay in areas a bit longer so that I can complete my contracts.

Definitely still in the looking and dreaming phase! My husband leans towards a larger expedition type vehicle while I tend to think a smaller Van would do the trick. We’ll work it out. :slight_smile:


I’m sure you guys will! Good luck😊