Toilet Setup Ideas?

I was considering a Separett waterless tiolet but because of the price tag and what it actually is I’m reconsidering. At the end of the day its just a device that separates urine and feces into two separate locations. Urine to a black water tank and feces to a bag. I feel I can achieve this with just the Separett diverting seat and making my own box that holds a bag I can remove. The Separett diverting seat is roughly $150 compared to $700 for the complete unit. Has anyone tried this method described?


Plus you could probably create your own urine diverter to attach to a regular toilet seat from dollar store materials!


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Your craftsman skills will determine that. There is nothing difficult about the set up. Electrical for the pump, pex tubing, shower stall, RV toilet with seat and holding tank or tanks.
With that said I wounder if you would even save money doing it yourself.