Tie Down Screws for Econoline Seat Brackets Bolt Holes?

Hi All - I hope this makes sense. I pulled out all of the seat brackets in my '01 e350 extended and got sidetracked on my build due to injuries. Now that I’m back at it, I can find the original bolts. My original plan was to fill some of the holes from the bolts, but now I’m wondering if there is a tie down bolt I could use to screw into those holes from the seat brackets?

Does that make any sense? I have two dogs and plan on crating them, and as the van has recently become my only form of personal transportation I’d like to be able to tie down their crates in the back as I go through the build so we can still go camp/vet safely.

TL;DR Anyone know what size bolt is needed for econoline seat brackets and if there is a bolt tie down that would fit in the holes?


I don’t know the size, but you should be able to get some eye bolts that fit.


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