Swiss Couple in USA and Australia


Hello everybody
We are a Swiss Couple (28&32) who took the opportunity being on the road for 9 months. We got a old Camper on a PU Truck to use. The first thing we‘ve done is cleaning out and painted it inside so we could hit the road.
We are just back from our first road trip from the Bay Area to Seattle. It was very fun but we struggled with some issues like parking close to cities and not spending so much money on camping. We hope we can gather some information here from the community.
We are planing buying a car in Australia. (We are going to be there from November 18 to April 19)
Probably we can use all the infos over there as well.


I would love to see more pictures.

If you remember where you stayed I could use that. My wife and I are going to do that trip in 6 months and any help on where to go would help lot.


Very realatable!

Did you guys add the section ontop of the truck bed by yourselfs? or did you buy it like that ?


Where abouts in Australia are you looking at travelling in your time over here?