Summer job opportunity in colorado

JOB OPPORTUNITY in COLORADO for this summer - come work as an Instructor with Avid4 Adventure! Money and Inspiration for future adventures!

DATES: Starting asap. Ideally, you could work July 11-August 13.

PAY: Flexible, and willing to pay for travel expenses if needed.

JOB DETAILS: Opportunities available to work either overnight Expeditions or Day Camps. Multiple locations in Front Range Colorado.

  • Expeditions are 5-night camping trips (Sunday-Friday). Some are backpacking, but most are basecamp, car-camping trips.

  • Day Camps are Mon-Fri (evenings and weekends off).

  • You will work with kids of various ages.

  • Group size is 10-13 kids, and you would have 1 or 2 co-instructors.

  • You would empower kids to choose active lifestyles in the outdoors through instruction in mountain biking, climbing, hiking, and paddling.

  • Find out more about at the Avid4 Adventure website.

INTERESTED? Apply online or ask a question here.

I am interested in helping out with your camps and expeditions, I am interested in camping, bushcraft, and I have done a lot of mountain biking, rock climbing. I have worked as a lifeguard which included work teaching children to swim, I am 19 and I have lots of fun teaching and working with kids.

Thanks for this message, and your interest in our camps! Please go to our website and apply online - avid4 dot com. Sorry - this forum does not allow me to put in the direct link.