Sold my company and moved into a van


Introduce Yourself…

Hi everyone. I’m Josh and I sold my company, my condo, my car and all my belongings to move into a van and travel the United States this past year. It wasn’t an easy decision but it was the right decision and it was a wonderful year and I have decided to travel for another year after the holidays! Looking forward to meeting everyone :blush: out on the road in 2019


Greetings & Welcome!

What kind of company, and what kind of van? Amenities?

I was a traveling construction worker for 30+ years, then converted to making money online. I live in my 1973 Dodge Travco hightop camper van with 450k+ miles on it. It was stripped when I bought it, so I had to reinvent the interior. Many years and 250k miles later, it still runs like new and has never needed more than typical maintenance. These older vans never die.

Mine is a full features micro motorhome, which includes my own toilet and shower, but no plumbing due to the fact that I sometimes winter in very cold places.


"I can live like a king because I work like a dog." ~ An anonymous vandweller