Solar Van Install - Consultant Wanted For Hire

Solar Consultant Wanted For Hire

If anyone has solar expertise and is willing to charge for the service of finding a company to get solar for my van, please send me a private message. Otherwise my email is the same username here at Gmail. I am willing to pay someone to make the calls to solar or RV or autobuild places to find me the best company for the job.

I am presently in Utah so I need to stick with nearby states. I have to see a surgeon in southern AZ by 5/18 so I need to get this done asap – especially if the company will need to order parts. If this delays then I could be stuck in AZ with no power and the libraries are closed. I have medical conditions and attempted to do it myself and confirmed I cannot with my present limitations. Also, my van is 2020 brand-new so for that and many reasons I’d rather hire a company instead of anyone off the street.

I just want to be able to be in my van doing e-chores and editing video on my laptop (150w) and turn on a decent fan or heater, especially on days where my medical conditions are bad. Maybe also get a wifi router/modem.

I strongly prefer wiring going thru camera area (instead of holes in roof) as shown here:

At I listed 3 places I contacted but the comments didn’t narrow down who I should hire. With my medical conditions and limited power/wifi access, I need help. I’m already overwhelmed with my medical problems so I just need to hire someone to help.

If you are qualified to do this, please email me or private message me an offer. I’ll provide details about the make/model and budget then.

Thank you.

I know a guy in Southern Cali

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