Situation - advice appreciated

Hey all,

So the landord says the place is getting sold so i need to be out in mid jan.

Rather than go around touring for a new place, I want to hit the road in the new year,

I’m wanting something $5k or less looking at a land rover or ford territory or something i can sleep in the back. May be too early for a van.

The other thing i need is bring in $500 a week minimum after i get the car. I am struggling with flipping stuff so if anyone has advice on how to go about this like websites etc most appreciated


Income is one of the easier things if you understand a few basic principles…

A) Most people seem to be better suited to work for someone else.

B) You can start your own business simply by finding a need, and filling it.

Many nomads do a combination of both. First they go to a temp agency or day labor center, and if no work is available that day, they go out and make money on their own. There’s no time like the present to learn how to make money on your own.

Thanksgiving is this week, and many of my friends will be making $20k-$30k in the following month selling Christmas trees for someone else @ ~$10 per tree. They average about 100 trees per day.

6-9 months out of the year, it’s lawn mowing season, followed be leaf raking.

Gutter cleaning, window cleaning, bathroom cleaning, house cleaning, and more are year round jobs.

Seasonally there is planting and harvesting.

Then there’s online work either for yourself, or working for others. I know people who sell ebooks, hosting, advertising, marketing, search engine submissions and optimizations, and more. I make $100k+ per year doing remote computer tune-ups, maintenance, and repairs. Previously I sold ebooks which was very highly profitable. For the 30 years before that, I was a traveling construction worker.

So you’re really only limited by your imagination and the marketplace. Find a need and fill it. It doesn’t need to be a new or unique need, tons of people need their lawns mowed or their houses cleaned, and there is always a higher demand than available workers. Lawns that need attention are very easily spotted, and usually it’s because they can’t find anybody to do it.

I stick to things that are 100% legal, moral, and ethical, but not everyone does. That’s a choice that’s up to you.

Hope this helps, and keep us posted!


"Proper planning, preparation, and equipment, ensure proper performance." ~ Road Warrior

Thanks for your reply.

Can you tell me more about selling ebooks, hosting and advertising


Okay, let’s start from the top… First you need a product, in this case it will be an ebook. You need something that is going to be of interest to a large number of people, that will think they’re getting they money’s worth when they buy it. I think it’s best to create your own unique products, from a variety of free information sources, and roll them all into one, so the final product is better than any of the original individual resources.

Once you have a product, then you need customers, a way to collect their money, and a way to deliver the product. One of the best ways to get customers quickly is through free online classified ads. I’ll advertise my ebooks in the top 200 major metro areas in the USA. Each ad will sell 5-10 ebooks, x 200 ads, = 1-2k sales. I sold ebooks for $19.95 up to $39.95, so you can do the math. My goal was to sell at least 1,000 in a month, and that was never a problem for me.

I use PayPal for an online payment processor, but any of the online payment processors should work equally as well.

I set up a website for each ebook, with a good description of what they’re getting. Then there is a link to buy it, and after they pay for it, it returns them to the website where they can download their purchase. The classified ads usually expire in somewhere between 7 days and 30 days. So sometimes I needed to renew the ads. When the sales dropped off, I would delete the ads, and a week later I would delete the website.

I always offered a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and on most ebooks I’d get about a half dozen people who wanted their money back, which I cheerfully refunded, with no hassle.

With a good product, and the knowledge of how to market it, the sky’s the limit. I never made less than $20k on an ebook, and on one I made over $100k in just under a month. Your main investment is just your time, so the price is right.

I can’t tell you much about the hosting business, other than I think it’s called “Reseller Hosting”.

Other than my own marketing/advertising for myself, as described above, I can’t offer much for it as a business either.

Hope this helps,


thanks, so just upload a heap of ebooks to amazon and fingers crossed?


I’ve never done it that way, so I have no idea whether that would work or not…


"Proper planning, preparation, and equipment, ensure proper performance." ~ Road Warrior

There’s a lot of options, it all depends on your skill and fantasy. For example, my friend went to Taiga and before that found information that it is possible to earn good money collecting cones from the trees, he found a man who lives there and agreed with him that he would be an assistant. As a result, he worked for 1 month and earned so much that he lived quietly for half a year without working. My friend still won’t tell me exactly how much he earned, but I think it’s quite a lot.