Simple Power Inverter Question


I’m just starting to teach myself about power and electronics, specifically for truck camping purposes.
I am going to setup an isolated dual battery in my truck engine compartment. Then I will run wires to the bed where the power inverter will be.
From here I will have a 1000w inverter for all my AC needs, but how do I power electronics that do not have an AC plug?

I am buying a small fan and probably an LED strip. Both of these are powered though two conductor power wires. So my question: Is it ok to hook up those electronics to the POS/NEG terminals on the backside of the power inverter? Will this work? Do I need to put a fuse in between the fan/lights and the inverter?



Inverters are terribly inefficient, and almost everything worthwhile is available in 12v models these days. Isolators are great, but I would add a cheap generator and battery charger to your arsenal. My generator was $99 new, and the battery charger was $29. It runs for roughly 8 hours on a gallon of gas. If you must run AC loads, the generator can handle them, but more importantly, it can charge your starting battery too if needed. It is cheap but useful insurance.

It is actually a good practice to learn to camp without any power. Learn how to stay comfortable and meet all your needs without any power. Then you will have a much better perspective of how little power you actually need, and when you add it, it will be a luxury rather than a necessity. I could live indefinitely without any power if the need arose. Being prepared for the worst case scenario, is always the best practice.


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Hello there!

You will need to add a 12V fuse panel coming from your battery to power your accessories. Super simple addition and necessary to to run anything DC, like lights, fans, and fridge. If you aren’t going to run a solar panel system or generator than the Smart Switch or a DC Converter will be perfect for your needs. You don’t need to spend a bunch of money to have the right stuff.

Pure-Sine Inverters average about 90% efficiency and have an operating consumption of less than 1Ah, which isn’t bad at all. A simple 1000W inverter doesn’t have to cost more than $115. Add a couple in-line fuses and switches and you’ll be good!

Let me know if you have any more questions. I can get you links or draw up a schematic


Get the Honda 3000 is plenty unless you want to run the microwave then the 2000.


Hey there - this is helpful. I installed and isolator, battery and inverter but not sure hi to expand on this with a fuse panel. Could you send along a diagram? Thanks.



You just hook up your fuse box directly to the battery. Many people add a master cut off switch between the battery and the fuse box for added safety and convenience.


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