Saying hi from Uk

Introduce Yourself…

Hello from the south west of the uk.

Being late 30’s, I feel far far more comfortable on the forums than social media so looking forward to getting involved and asking the plethora of queries after I have after 6 weeks full time in a half built van :blush:

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Greetings & Welcome!

We’re here to help! :slight_smile:


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Hey there! How’s van life going? I’m considering full timing. Is that what you do and if so, where do you stay? I’m not fussed about travelling around. I was gonna stay in my hometown of Brighton. Would be good to hear wat you’re up to! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much seems a good place to be :slight_smile:

Yoo, yes I’m full timing.

It’s going ok, lots to get to grips with and already realising I need to rebuild certain aspects of the van…last weeks sub zero temps was brutal ha ha.

My spots are forests, lay bys and the odd public attraction that is closed due to covid. I feel quite conscious of out staying any welcome I might have so rotate a few spots.

All things considered the lifestyle feels natural for me and I’m pumped for some adventures post lockdown.

Do you have reservations about full timing?


Hopefully you have a good heater… Good indoor climate control is pretty essential for me.


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