Retitling Van to Motorhome in Tennessee

Hi -

I have a professionally converted campervan that I am trying to get reclassified to RV/Motorhome.

I have had an incredibly challenging time trying to do this in Tennessee. I have called the DoR at least 8 times. I get told to do something different every time. I filled out forms with the required fees, only to be denied because the department doesn’t seem to know or understand what is required (I get a different story/answer every time I call). Furthermore, they do not take walk-ins and require everything to be done via mail.

Has anyone gone through this process in Tennessee and if so, what steps did you take?

Thank you,


May I suggest that you look up the regulations online, or obtain a hard copy. That’s the only way you’lll know for sure, and then you can reference the actual rules in your application, to prove that you’re in compliance.

Many workers are too lazy or too incompetent to do their jobs properly, so you have to do it for them to eliminate any discrepancies.



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