Retired But Not Out of Gas


Getting a Sprinter built to take us off the road and on to the next best place.


That’s awesome!

Could you share some pics?


We are having our 2018 Sprinter 4x4 144" van outfitted by Beartooth Vanworks in Bozeman MT. Heat, hot water, and cooktop will all be diesel. With our solar energy system we will be able to stay off the grid for weeks at a time (not a good sign for regular posting). We’ve named it Wildside OTR (on the road or off the road, which ever you prefer), but we are just calling it Otter. It will get us into the wild just like the Otter bush plane.


Otter is a beauty :heart_eyes:

How long do you expect the build to take?


Home is where you park it just sounds so much nicee. :wink:


@WildSide how’s the build going so far?


We are planning to be off road for extended periods of time. Since our heat, hot water and and cook-top are all Webasto diesel we decided to add an auxiliary fuel tank from Agile Off Road. Check out the skid plates. 27%20Aux%20Fuel%20Skid%20Plates%201


Do you guys have the designs of this drawn out?

If so i’d love to see them, as we plan on installing something similar next year.


Here is drawing showing the location of the cook-top and the aux fuel filler. We moved the spare tire to a rear bumper swing arm, the Webasto Duel Top Evo 6 heating unit is installed in the vacated spare tire space.Aux%20Fuel%203


Nice setup!

How many gallons is the grey water tank? and why is it so far from the sink?
Also, where are you guys storing the fresh water?

Sorry for bombarding you with all these questions lol.


Hey Sally,
Grey water is 7 gals. Fresh water is 22 gals. Not sure what you mean by “so far from the sink”. It is in the same cabinet, directly below the sink. How would you get it closer? Here is an expanded view to show the fresh water storage location. Gerry Driver%20Side_cr


Oh okay, I see.

For some reason I thought the first picture you sent was of the whole van. But this second pic clears things up. Great setup!


Damn, I’m jealous of american people, they have better models than here in Europe…this Sprinter doesn’t exist in Portugal…sweet 4x4.