Pre-existing wiring in E250 van

I just bought a E250 van that has been converted professionally as a high top conversion. It has a tv, dvd, mood lights…

I need help changing the wiring for those items from using the car battery to using my eco flow battery box.

Any ideas?



There is probably a fuse/control box somewhere in your van,mine was on the drivers wall in the back. There will be a main feed to the panel a large red would usually go to the ignition switch or battery. The large black will go to the vehicles ground. These would be the 12v wires you would connect to your eco flow. I would suggest to take the van to a qualified auto electrician if you are not sure what to do. There are different options you could do and now would be the time to do them.
Mine had an old style CRT TV, VCR and a DVD that ran on 12volts. All electricity hogs. I tore all the outdated electronics out an replaced them with all new electronics and flat screen and run them off a Pure Sine Wave inverter that runs all my accessories. Where electricity is available I run shore power.
One option you could do would be to connect the fuse control unit to your house batteries and install an ACR (auto charging relay) between your start battery and your house batteries. While your van is running it would charge both start and house batteries and when you turn the van off it would automatically disconnect the house batteries from the start batteries so when stationary all your accessories will be running off the house batteries.
I have my solar controller connected to an a/b switch SPDT then switched to the the start side of my ACR this way when I turn my panels on it brings my start battery up to a full charge first, then the ACR senses the charge……links…… then starts to charge my house batteries. Flip the A/B the other way that is connected to the house side of the ACR it just charges the house batteries isolating the start battery. Need any help or questions give me a shout, will be glad to help.

This is an amazing response! I have been looking how my house battery can be isolated from my start battery but both getting charged from the running engine (no solar panels in the mix…yet) for quite awhile now. I am still somewhat fuzzy on some of the details but this feels like a good start.
Now I need to find an auto electrical tech to actually do the heavy lifting.
Thank you.

Any ? Let me know. Check out Blue Seas Systems for the ACR and electrical parts, connectors, switch panels, wire, super heavy duty marine grade. Friendly tech line and online spec sheets. Parts Express for small electrical. While your doing your project would suggest replacing all the mood lighting bulbs with LEDs, this will save a ton of power consumption. You would be amazed how much power the original bulbs draw + LEDs don’t attract bugs! …………all sorts of bulbs on eBay, cheap.