Planning on living in a van soon

I’m Andy, a 49 year old English man. I’m currently half way through a bicycle tour from Brazil to Canada. Afterwards I intend living in van during the English summer. I’d then fly to South Africa (I have duel citizenship) for the summer there. I’m keen to learn as much as possible from the people on here. Thanks everyone who contributes

Greetings & Welcome!

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Welcome Andy!

There are heaps of people on YouTube living the van life in England! As for South Africa, I’ve seen people travel there but have only found one person from South Africa living in a van. Again, on YouTube, their channel is called Wild at heart. He’s not very active about uploading videos though. His last one was three months ago about his first European van trip.

He has a personal website, too, so if you’re interested in contacting him, that would be a great place to do it.

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Whoa… thats way cool! Have you made it through the Darien Gap yet? Did you carry your bike through?

:rofl: Unfortunately I’d to fly from Cartagena in Colombia, to Panama City. Yeah, I know I’m a wimp :grinning: