Phone app automation product - College project research


My name is Zak, I’ve just joined but I’ve been motorhoming for a while now

I’m looking for the opinion of other experienced individuals who’ve been using their motorhomes/caravans for a while. I’m an HND electrical & electronics student. My project at college is entangled with a personal endeavour of fully automating my Crafter van conversion by integrating a programmable logic controller, a phone app and an Internet connection allowing control/monitoring of sensors, the lights, living space heater, water heater, aircon, security…etc, any functions basically from your phone/any location. As oppose to a control panel with physical switches on, it would be a custom GUI (Graphical User Interface) on your phone screen, that is flexible to modifications!

I mention ‘etc’ because, as part of the project syllabus, I’d like to market this as a bespoke product, where I would come along and install this system on your existing motorhome or new van build, tailored to the individual customer’s design requirements.

Could I politely ask the feedback of experienced users like yourselves if this is a service you would consider as an upgrade to your existing or new build. Some of the newer Hymer & Swift models have this integrated from new.

Any opinions, advice, experiences & criticisms are welcomed. I’d love to know if this would be of interest to anyone.

And who better to ask than the famed C&C club!

Thanks for your time & experience


Hey Zak,

That sounds great, tho I’m probably not a candidate. I only recently graduated from making fire from flint sparks to whale oil. But I am interested to see what the feed back is.

Do you write code for that or is it just off the shelf hardware?

Also, please forgive my newb ignorance: I haven’t seen a previous reference to “the famed C&C club”. Could you please explain?

And I hope you get lots of feedback and maybe even a client or two. Good luck.

Hi. Did you post this on Reddit too? If yes we already chatted. Is this a study offering compensation to the participant? Also, will you please clarify what the app would be for? I don’t quite understand reading what you wrote? Best wishes.