Older Newbie looking forward to receiving and sharing!

Hi All, I’m older Newbie. I’ve been dreaming of living a traditional RV lifestyle for years, but I’ve been reading alot on VanLife lifestyles and it’s really more appealing seems there would be more freedom and adventure available. I think I’d enjoy the adventure of designing and building my own tiny home on wheels. I’ve built traditional stick homes so I have some skills that I hope would be useful. However, I’m also intelligent enough to know there will be quite a bit I’ll need advice about. So always feel free to point out where I maybe going off course. Thanks!

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Greetings & Welcome!

One of the biggest differences in building is that you want to use screws instead of nails, because of all the vibrations.

My other recommendation that I rarely see in builds is sliding cabinet doors instead of swinging ones. They stay shut while traveling with no extra hardware, and don’t take up valuable interior space when opening them.

Good Luck & keep us posted!


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Thanks, had thought about screws so confirms I’m on a good track. Sliding cabinet doors very useful info that will save alot!

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