Noobie in town!

Hi everyone,

As mention in my bio, I am trying to improve a van built a few years ago by my girlfriend. In a certain way is a bit harder because I need to compose with elements that I couldn’t choose from the beginning but on the other hand a lot has been already bought so it will allow us to put more money in other areas.

Vehicule: T5 hi top
Solar panels: 2x100w
Battery : AMG 150hA
Bed and kitchen are build !

Thanks for your help, time and patience !

@Leo I have exactly the same van, assuming yours is a factory fitted high roof.

I will gladly be of help if you should need any.

Where in the world are you from?

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I am in Switzerland, close to Martigny in the french side. It would be amazing if you could give us a hand and of course if we can also help you in whatever count on us !

Kindly :slight_smile: