Nissan NV200, a mini campervan build

Hey everyone.

I’m currently been working on a Nissan NV200 for past month. I’m making a mini camper van out of it. I’ll add more pictures later on. More up to date posts from my experiences on instagram: retkuilupaku


I have removed the wall behind the driver’s cabin and cargo. (I don’t remember what was it called)

Added soundproofing material on walls, doors and ceiling.

Added insulation foam and panels on walls, doors and ceiling.

I haven’t touched the flooring yet, because it’s waiting for repair on small tiny hole and I need to keep it clear.

Added rolling curtain behind the cabin for easy hiding the cargo/living area.

Added wooden birch panels about 4mm thick to the walls, doors and ceiling. I made templates for the panels with this rough brown construction/painter’s paper.

After the latest instalment of panels with drilling holes and adding screws seem to have effected wiring in the van.
Anyone have idea where this wiring is? I might have missed it and I need to take the panels off this weekend to see where the problem is.
Currently right side turning lights don’t stay on and slippery-road icon has light up and cargo doors won’t lock from the keys, which is most concerning. I’ve checked fuses and it seems two have gone off. I’ve replaced them but it keeps burning them. So it’s short circuiting somewhere probably where I have drilled.
I’m guessing I’ve drilled to wires on the right side above the wheel-cover on the wall.
EDIT: after removing panels off, the electrics work fine again. Added rustproof paint on drill holes and added moisturebarrier-plastic between insulation and wood panels. After installing moisture barriers the backdoor lock doesn’t work again. I think I need to see where the problem is more specifically before putting panels on again.

EDIT2: I managed to fix the wiring. I had to drill bigger hole around the screw hole. Opened the wire-mesh, cut few broken wires and soldered new wires to them and put it back together. It was messy place to work with, there was insulation foam that wasn’t yet hardened and so it was still pouring everywhere onto the wires.

I have covered the wheel wells, next I’ll add flooring. I have already got a diesel-heater and it’s waiting for me to install it.


I’ll cover the panels with some soft textiles later on. Hard surfaces make it loud and echoing. Light colors to bring more light inside. I might change the screws to smaller profile later.

I will be building bed and cabinets also myself.

Solar panels and battery and such later on.

I have one small solar-powered fan I’m thinking putting on top.

I’m thinking of adding more windows later on. This van has only windows in the cabin. Does anyone know where to get them in Europe?

Same with pop-tops? Is there general pop-tops that fit this van? I’ve seen some NV200’s having pop-tops, but haven’t figured out where to buy them. Maybe from UK if not elsewhere… shipping from UK seems to be rather iffy…

I would also like to hear if there are others who are doing tiny van conversions.
Suggestions and feedback is welcome.

Peace and love from Finland.

Greetings & Welcome!

I’m in the USA, so not much help on sourcing things for you…

The experts always tell us to never drill a single hole into vans, but rather to glue firring strips on, then attach to those. Wiring can be a royal nightmare. Hopefully you can locate where the wires are placed, then check them in the vicinity of any screw holes you added and repair them appropriately.

Good Luck!

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Thanks for the comment.
I haven’t discussed about my vanbuild with any experts. It would have been wise to use glue. Oh well, you’ll learn from your own mistakes the best, I guess…
I have located wire that’s not working with multimeter and I think I have found hole drilled through that wire. Most ironic part is if I want to fix the wires near where I have drilled on them, I need to make another larger hole on it. Let’s hope everythings going to the plan.
I have other electrics working now except backdoor locking isn’t working(unlocking works but locking doesn’t)
I have plan-B too, which means having manual locking-mechanism inside the backdoor to lock it, that of course means it’s less practical to use.


So the wires were totally concealed… Boy, that’s the pits!

For what it’s worth, I’m rooting for you.


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I got the electrics working again!
Had to open the cable mesh and cut few wires that were broken and then soldered more wires to them and put it back together.

EDIT: I have instagram account where I post more frequently, you are free to follow. I post content about the vanbuild and later from the journey with it. Instagram: retkuilupaku


Glad to hear that!

I don’t do instagram, but thanks for the offer.


"The money to live comfortably is the best medicine in the world." ~ Road_Money