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Hello! Hailing from Montana. Bought a built-out 99 E350 hightop passenger van (former wheelchair) last summer. We have taken a couple of trips in it, and are now rectifying issues we found. The fellow we bought the van from was into boats, and so set things up as he would on a boat, but I don’t know if I would want get on the water with him. He bought good components, but gave little thought as to placement, and did some hack jobs with the caulking. For the most part the van works, but there are some headaches involved. So I’m looking for some ideas…
My husband and I are both handy with tools, and don’t require much fancy-wise. When we bought our land 38 years ago, we lived in a succession of tents until we got a building up. As long as we have the basics, we are good. That being said, my husband is a carpenter who puts heart and soul into a properly done miter, and good finishes.

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Montana has some beautiful scenery. Wish I was closer.
What kind of issues are you having?

With a husband carpenter you have a major advantage on hand. :smile: