Newbie here, what about loneliness in this lifestyle?

Hi there, I’ve heard that people that head out to live on the road often gets lonely. I believe that this could be a problem for everyone travelling alone, but I didn’t find anything about this in the forum. How is it so and do any of you guys have experience with this being a challenge while living the life on the road?

19 years old female, full of wanderlust :wink:

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I too am a “newbie”, planning to begin my journey come June. (Provided all the quarantine stuff calms down, I guess.)

But this is something that I too have been considering as I prepare, and I’ve seen a few others around the forums also ask the same. Not just for companionship but also for safety and security would I personally enjoy some sort of “travel group”, especially since I will be a solo traveler as well.

I’ve seen one group, “HOWA” (Homes On Wheels Alliance) over in Arizona, but they seem to stick to a limited area so not really a “travel” group. They are also “unofficial” meetings in nature it seems, so I watch a lot of confusion about where to actually meet on their Meetup page. But they do have 4 groups, one of which is a female only group, so that is cool.

It would be neat to find a way of putting together a travel group, but the idea of randomly inviting internet strangers to some location out in the woods is vexing, to say the least. Then the liability of forming any kind of group should two party members have a “misunderstanding” of any kind… Really just brings me back to wanting to wander off on my own, haha. :laughing:

For the experienced forum members here, do you find it preferable to travel alone or with a group? How did you find your travel groups either now or in the past? What was the drama level in your experience with such groups?

Sorry OP, this is less of an answer to your question and more of me adding to it as a fellow newbie, haha. :smiley:

Your reply was great! Often answers can be more of a meaning or conclusion, so If people dont think by themselves, it could be misleading. Though of course, some people have more experience than others when it comes to different areas, but this was more of a question where people could share their personal viewpoint on the theme and some may share experience. After all, more questions will hopefully lead to more conversation and discussion around the subject :blush:

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38 year old, solo female, extrovert, on the road. I don’t work out of my van, I travel to my clients, so I find I still get too much interaction with other people.

I still crave complete solitude. The work keeps me in the city. Now with all the public parks State City and National closed I don’t even get that respite.

If I’m ever in need of communication or anything, because I’m an extrovert I have no problems making friends with people at parks and coffee shops and things and some turn out to be more than single serving connections and some don’t but at least got to learn about a new person.

I love collecting stories. And I love finding ways of making people smile. Sometimes I get included in that.:wink:

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I would recommend getting a dog or cat. I have one of each that live in my Suburban Camper Van so I am never truly ‘alone’. A lot of people critique me because I have a dog and cat living in such a small space with me, many people think it is cruel to the animals. But they are so much happier with this lifestyle than being left at the apartment all day. My cat gets to go on every adventure with us (He will even keep up with the group while hiking). I am planning on going spelunking this summer and hope to take the camping kitty with me, just gotta figure out how to put a head lamp on him. There are some cons though as you have a living being inside of your camper van so you can’t just leave it parked in the summer sun all day while you’re at the water park, but with some minor considerations, any van can be made into a very comfortable dwelling for people and pets alike. Another bonus is that you always have somebody guarding your van, it gives me piece of mind knowing that I can leave the door unlocked and nobody can enter the vehicle.

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I’m normally fairly sociable, and even though I am mostly a city dweller, I find it easy to have both social and private time as I desire.

Boondocking in the middle of nowhere by yourself though, takes a special type of person. Personally, I don’t find it enjoyable unless I’m with a group of others.


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You know, here is a problem in case you consider it as a problem.
I’ve already mention that on the forum, that as for me I can’t stand being on public for much time, but sometimes I need some friends and here videocalls help me, so, as I said before the problem exists only if you believe in it.