Newbie from Miami

Hi everyone.
I am new to the forum. I think it is a great place to learn, share ideas and experiences.
My unit is a Ford Transit 250,2017,148 wheelbase, high roof.
It took us two years to complete the conversion, and we are very pleased with the results.
We took a three month tryout trip to the mountains and everything went fine (we may need a bit more water on board. 20 gls now.)
Thanks for allowing me to share my dreams with you.
We will be attending 2023’s Florida Vanlife Gathering
Fri, Feb 3 – Mon, Feb 6
Withlacoochee River Park, 12449 Withlacoochee Blvd
Dade City, FL

Juan Arturo and Ada
Voortrekkers Amerika.

Greetings & Welcome!

First I’ve heard of that meet up. Unfortunately I have obligations in Minnesota…


"Be the reason someone smiles today!" ~ Van_Dweller

Nice to meet you Voortrekkers! What language is that?
Would love to attend but alas I cannot. What fun though! Hope you will post some pics later! :smiley:

Thanks guys!
I will post some pics for sure.
We will be “suffering” temps on the mid 50s in Central Florida by that time :wink:
Voortrekker: A member of one of the groups of Dutch-speaking people who migrated by wagon from the Cape Colony into the interior from 1836 onward, in order to live beyond the borders of British rule.