Newbie 101 here

Hi everyone,
I’m Kaidee!
I want to build a van so badly it hurts haha… I’m here to learn and hopefully make some nomad buddies !

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My wife and I are new to. Nice to meet you

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Hello, welcome to this community! There’s plenty of info that we can share, do you have any specific questions? Do you have a vehicle for your project yet? My philosophy is usually “less is more”, keeping things basic and practical. :slight_smile:

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Heyy! thanks for a reply. I do not have a vehicle in mind. I was looking into motorhomes but I feel like Vans are much more practical with their size. As I say that I do still need to be able to stand up in the van I get. Do you have any opinion on which vans you’re able to stand up in that make great builds? This is only my second day getting to peek around the academy and this forum so i’m sure I’ll come across that specific feed sooner than later but figured I’d ask lol. Have a great labor day weekend!

Greetings & Welcome Everybody!

I love high top handicap vans. Helped build several that the lift sold for more than the van & conversion cost, making them basically free. It’s hard to beat FREE!


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Hi, sorry for the delayed response, I’m at Burning Man and have barely looked at my phone. My rig is older with an after market high top addition but one of my friends built out a 2017 Promaster and I have room to stand in it and I’m 6’2". She spend over twenty grand on her build and it’s beautiful, but I’ve seen plenty of 3K to 5K builds that are fantastic as well, and more practical (like mine). I used to have a 34 ft Class A motorhome and frankly am much happier now, mainly because I can go just about anywhere I want, so many more places than I was able to with the coach. I’ll contribute more later, enjoy your holiday weekend too!