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Just got a 2000 epxress 3500 LS few weeks ago and looking to start turning it into a camper/storage vehicle but also with the idea I can remove what I do just in case. We do a lot of living history stuff so we want a place to stay overnight yet store and transport a lot of stuff but I want to try to make this something that is removable so just in case I ever need the empty van for other stuff, say drywall, lumber, etc I have the option to do that.

Greetings & Welcome!

I prefer modular builds myself… I prefer passenger vans for the better gearing, mpg, and finished interiors. Having a 360° view is simply priceless. Other than removing the rear seats, I don’t actually modify the van itself, not a single screw hole, not one.

I simply move my interior in and secure it. I even have quick disconnects on my DIY portable power station from my isolator, so I can use it outdoors or in another vehicle. I still have all the amenities of a full fledged RV, things are just accomplished differently & in my opinion more efficiently.

I both live and work inside my rig, so 4 season climate control is important to me, not to mention that I’m not about to let the weather dictate where I’m at. I have multiple energy efficient ways to both heat and cool both my rig and myself, including non electric fan forced heating & cooling, of which neither requires any vehicle modifications.

I am a rogue nomad. I don’t necessarily go for the latest & greatest, instead I prefer cheap, efficient, & reliable. Comfort & convenience are also at the top of my priority list. I both work from and lounge in my Lazy Boy swivel rocker recliner, and have everything I need within easy reach. In foul weather (Hot or Cold) I can camp out inside my own cozy cabin on wheels for extended stays.


"Old school, cheap, simple, reliable, and easily replaceable for the win!" ~ Traveler@Heart