New Member Saying Hello and Seeking Solar Help!

Hello everyone! My name is Eleanor and I joined this community because I’m planning to camp out of my Honda Civic throughout the summer! I’ve actually done this a bunch, but it was always pretty basic and I’ve always slept in a tent, or worst case scenario, the back seat of my Civic. I’m pretty short so it can work in a fix, but not great for long term haha.

So this time, I’m looking to be able to sleep in my Civic more often just by pulling down the back seat and sleeping like across the trunk space, if that makes sense, and throwing a foam mattress topper over everything for the night.

I’m here specifically to learn how to set up a simple solar power generator. I really just need to power a 12v fridge, and be able to recharge my laptop and phone, so I don’t think I need anything big…but I have no idea where to start! I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos and have seen some recommendations for the Yeti200x battery, which I think would work for, but I don’t know how to determine how much solar power I need to generate to recharge this? Basically I don’t know how electricity works and I need help creating super simple set up, so any tips or recommendations would be helpful!

Since I’ve done plenty of long term (2+ months) of car camping in the past, I’m also happy to offer any tips and tricks I’ve picked up a long the way. Looking forward to connecting with folks!

Greetings & Welcome!

A solar generator is actually only a battery with various outlets attached, a tiny inverter, and ways to charge it. Generally speaking they are over priced & under powered & under performing. They do not generate power, they only store it for later use.

The Yeti 200x is only the equivalent of a 16a battery, tiny in comparison to the minimum of a 100ah battery that most people use.

12v compressor fridges and some laptops can be power hogs, and solar charging is heavily dependent upon the weather. That makes for a very poor combination.

I think the biggest question we need to answer now is how long you will parked vs. how often you will be driving, and how long. What you’re proposing is doable, we just need to figure out the most efficient & reliable way of doing it.


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