New guy saying hi from Greece

Hi everyone! I am halfway through converting an orange 2000 Ford Transit semi long semi high van. The plan is to spend every weekend possible in the mountains with my three kids (boy12, boy9 girl7). We all love the mountains and either ski or snowboard and in the case of my two sons ride downhill bikes. Eventually in summer we will get a chance for longer duration road trips. The only thing I spent a lot of time researching was insulation as we will be in the snow a bit. This has been a dream and we are very excited its now underway! Anyway, great to be here, hope to exchange stories and tips with you all!

Welcome to the forum! We’re looking forward to seeing your van as it progresses. We love seeing pictures.

I would love to follow the story of you and your family on that trip. All these people that say you can’t do that life with kids would need to read about your experience!

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Hi guys, I’m new here, nice to meet you all!
I like reading forum from van life and I would love sharing the stories.
Do you suggest any interesting account or van life & hippie style stories to follow? I would like to find some hints for a project that I have in mind :slight_smile: thank you!

Hey sorry for dropping out, was working on the van! I’ve put up a couple of videos of the build since then, you can check them out here:

thanks for the interest!

Thanks! I’m lucky the kids are young and they pretty much grew up in the woods,we live in a pretty rural area outside Athens, but I did watch a lot of families on the internet first with kids to get ideas about how to make it more appealing / comfortable for them.