Monstaliner on the exterior of your RV?


Hello, I’m looking into painting the exterior of my 1981 Toyota dolphin. I’ve been hearing about monstiner as a do it yourself option. Has anyone used this product on the exterior shell or an RV? Or should I still with auto paint?
Any do yourself suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated. Thank you!



I don’t know much about monstaliner, but white will keep you cooler in the summer.



I’ve used chip guard from the lower body lines to the rocker panels. So far the paint hasn’t been chipped and I’ve been down some terrible trails.
It isn’t smooth like enamel paint but it comes clean with a soft brushing. I do honestly have some branch marks in the upper areas but they don’t bother me and they aren’t to the primer so I’m not concerned about them. After all I want to boondock and if the trails were groomed and paved folks would be parking right next to me.
Let us know how it is to work with and the way it holds up. It might be the next project I look into.
Thanks for posting this subject.