ML350 mod or pull travel trailer?!

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I have a MB ML350 with 100k miles. Well maintained. I want to remove the passenger seat and modify vehicle to live in full time for about a year as I travel throughout the country. I am in process of selling all my possessions and home. I lost my daughter 15 weeks ago the only thing that brings me solace is the idea of living on the road. I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time. Fear is no longer stopping me because I am already walking through the worst pain. I work remotely so I am researching WiFi boosters. Would it be better to get a travel trailer or live in my SUV? I really want to live in my SUV but want to hear the opinions of current van dwellers.

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There are advantages to either choice. A trailer would be more livable, and can be parked and set up while you use your vehicle to explore without it.

Your SUV would be much more cramped, but easier to park without a trailer.

A van might give you the best of both worlds…


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I’d look at a class C motorhome.