Mini-Vanlife (sometimes size matters)


Hi all! I’m Geneva.
I bought my little van ('97 Mazda MPV) a few years ago and did a super simple conversion then - removed all rear seats, built a bed platform (yay for memory foam!), added some drawers and other organization.
I used it that way for plenty of weekend climbing and camping trips, with a few week+ trips thrown in. I’m planning to buy a Promaster next year and do a full conversion, but Tiny-Van will force me to be really efficient for now.
Now my dog and I are moving into the little lady full-time! It’s going to be a challenge, given the size restriction, but I’m over the moon to be free of sedentary life!!
I’ll be spending a week or so re-outfitting the van, then hitting the road for climbing, exploring, and loving life. The West is my home, so we’ll be traipsing all over the Rockies and the coast.
I’m looking forward to getting to know the other vanlifers out there!


Our van is about as mini and it gets (2003 Honda Odyssey), and two of us live in it! We love it, and think it’s perfect. Sure, it would be nice to be able to fully stand sometimes, but we’re happy with it!
Welcome to the forum!


Share some pics of your van and build. Would love to see how you converted it.