Mail/ Ordering Online

When you’re on the road, do you buy products online?
If so, how do you get your mail and what kind of things do you buy? Eg. Clothing, van parts, tools, hobbies

If it’s amazon and you’re near a city you can get smaller items in their drop boxes, sometimes that can be a pain if it’s always full. We get packages delivered to the ups store for pickup, but that can cost $5 to $10 and I think has to be less than 50lbs. I am not sure about the USPS or if they have any fees associated.

If we would be gone for too long I prefer sent it to my PO box at UPS so it won’t get lost in front of my garage


My solution is simple, I don’t buy mail order or online. I only buy in person, and stick to things that are easily repairable, or replaceable almost anywhere. Dollar stores, thrift stores, yard sales, and flea markets are among my best friends, local online classifieds too.


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If you will be staying in one location for a few days, you can receive mail through USPS addressed to your name @ general delivery and the address of the nearby post office.

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