Looking for our first home on wheels! It's tough!


Always remember it is a good idea to get a vehicle in very good running order that may not look that nice. It is easier to do up a vans looks than engine work. Hope that makes sense.


Agreed! If a van gets sold before you get your hands on it - that just means there’s a better rig out there for you somewhere! Keep your head up! Best of luck!


If the van sold, that’s the perfect way to know that it wasn’t the one for you.
You can look for forever and think you’re never going to find the right one, and then one day a new posting pops up, and it’s perfect for you.
And, while rust is scary, a little bit isn’t the worst to tackle, and there’s lots of tutorials out there for removing it.

This is also really important to remember too! Listen to how the van sounds and feels and handles when you’re test driving. Also before you look at a van, research the most common problems for that type, and that can help you look for warning signs when you go to buy it!


Thank you for your positive words! We will keep you updated as the search continues!


So true!! We definitely want something that will last!


We are hoping! Thank you for the positive words!


We are checking every day :slight_smile: and you’re totally right when it’s the right one we’ll know! After that first incident we started looking up common possible problems before we look at the vehicle so we have a better idea of what we are getting into! ahaha learning as we go :smile:


We are in the same boat right now! New vehicles are added every day, and I’ve noticed just slightly changing your search parameter or filters can really change up your results. I figure we’ve looked at so many already, we must be getting close to our “meant to be”.


It’s a little overwhelming how quickly things come and go! We have been looking online for possibilities that are up to 8 hours away as well.

How long have you been looking for a vehicle?


What platform are people using to search for vehicles? We are using Facebook Marketplace and Craiglist. Any other suggestions?


Those are some pretty good places to look.

Here are a couple others

  1. Search on google “RVs for sale” - and google will do their part and show you listings and websites that are near you (as long as you have shared your location with google)

  2. RV Trader

  3. AutoTrader

  4. AutoTempest - this website will search a bunch of other websites for you depending on your needs and filters. That way you don’t have to spend that much time searching.

Also, check out this post:

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I’m looking at a site for van’s and shuttle buses
Richie brothers auction. The sell vehicles for government agencies and the prices are quite a bit lower than average. My thoughts are with the savings a minor issue is still worth fixing and I will still be ahead on the price that the private sellers are asking. Good luck with your search.


Uhggg I know the struggle! It took me over 6 years to commit to/find the vehicle I wanted, and another year to convert it into the dream rig and it still isn’t finished!! Stick with the search and the right thing will show up!!!


I hear ya! I have just recently made the decision to do the van life. And though I am not in the position to buy one yet…need to sell my condo and car…I found myself on FB looking at vans/rv for hours and found a sweet one, I think. I wanted to message the guy. But I don’t have money, argh! And I’m not ready. SO as others have stated–it is just not the van for me right now.

BTW to all out there…would you consider a Chevy G-series G20 van 1989 about 75,000 miles and only $8000???

I desire input and encouragement.
Chapter 2 is being written.


Remember to look into fleet auctions. The vehical’s are maintained and usually it’s a model year program that they have with the manufacturer. Some have low miles and the price is considerably lower than a private seller or worst case lot sale. eBay also has no reserve auctions on most any vehicle you would be interested in. Good luck with your search hope this helps you out.


Yes, I would consider this. Although you should start another topic about this, and explain your situation in more detail so we can better assist you :blush:


hey guys, we were in the same situation a couple of months ago. we were seeking a nice van, with enough space for the two of us, but not that expensive, ….
so we searched on Craigslist and a Facebook group for selling cars in Canada - maybe there is sth similar for the US as well.
the nice thing about RV’s is the space, and that even a shower and toilet fit into. BUT the consumption is soooooo high - that’s why we decided not to go with a stronger engine than V6 4.3L
We decided to take a GMC Safari 95 SLX, V6, 4.3L - consumption is ~ 10L/ 100km :slight_smile:
we only paid 2,500CAD including a lot of camping gear and work tools - mileage: 350,000km
honestly, we paid 4,000CAD for getting everything fixed (new tires + spare tire, new transmission fluid, complete new breaks (not only pads), new exhaust, spark plugs, …) so in total 6,500CAD, but now it’s a pretty reliable van.

all in all we were seeking for 4 months - and of course there were younger cars and lower mileages as well, but for at least 5,000CAD or 8,000CAD - and there’s always sth to fix on your car.

so, don’t get upset, if a Van is sold and you haven’t even got the chance to have a proper look at.
There’s always a reason, why it hasn’t worked yet.

Stay calm and patient - it’s worth it, you’ll see!

cheers from Vancouver,
Van Safari


Agreed! If a van gets sold before you get your hands on it - that just means there’s a better rig out there for you somewhere! Keep your head up! Best of luck!


Intersting interesting …