Long Term Finances of Vanlife


I’m gonna do some searching myself and find some way to make money.I’ll put together a write-up with links and whatnot

I’m not sure if its caught on everywhere yet but Rover is a good way to make money, quickly. And you’re only walking dogs or checking on cats for a few minutes. I do this and pay for all of my international flights with the money.

These are just spit ball ideas. I have not researched or done any of these:
House sitting, Personal shopper, secret shopper, doing surveys, bicycle delivery, start a blog

**I am a firm believer that everything happens when its supposed to. Keep working towards your goals and it’ll all fall into place


Question about house sitting or pet sitting. The apps for those jobs appear geared to people in a fixed location vs. nomad/ van dwellers. Can anyone share info about this?



Just put and ad in Craigslist or the like.


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Hi, Gen and Zac! First of all, best of luck.

I’m a quality assurance engineer and software tester. And I’m working towards an IT degree with a view to be a digital nomad.

If you Google “Ways to make money on the road”, there’s a tonne of ideas from various nomads - some more lucrative than others. There’s quite a few good books on the market as well in terms of helping you find a passion that you can turn into a money-making idea, or using your existing skills and experience to offer a new service.