Kiwi couple keen on vanlife

Gidday, hope everyone’s well.

I am a 21 year old kiwi who is looking to move to Europe with my girlfriend next year. We plan on getting a van in the UK and touring round Europe for as long as we feel. Currently in very early planning stages and have just begun researching types of vans.
If anyone has any advice on off-grid vans, touring budgets, pre-departure research topics we would love to hear!


Mostly Americans on this forum, but hopefully someone from the UK or Europe will lend a hand. I would assume that things are similar to doing it in New Zealand, with the exception that there will be fewer Toyotas and more VW/Fiat/Ford/Mercedes/Renault vans instead. We toured the South Island in a van last year and left the country just before they closed the borders due to COVID. Very memorable trip - love your country!

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