I’m Jacob and I live in my van! @jacbwrght


Hello, my name is Jacob Wright and I’m from San Antonio, TX. I’m 20, a full-time college student, and live out of my converted 2003 Ford E-250 cargo van. I’m solo traveling around North America during the summer and doing photography to document my adventures and show off all the cool places. You can view those @jacbwrght on Instagram. Stoked for this and to be apart of this community!


Thanks for sharing!

We’re stoked to have you apart of it :slight_smile:


Thank you, my dude!

Let me know if you guys ever need any help on the graphic design side of things or in blog writing. Besides photography, those are two other things I’m pretty good at.


Just sent you a PM, we may be interested sometime in the future


Hi Jacob!

How long have you been living out of your van? We just got ours a week ago, its half converted so we’re just going to finish it off and then get going! We’re in the UK.

We’ve just followed you on IG, @thevanguysproject

See you around!

David & Manu